Asset Management

Our Asset Management Service covers the day-to-day oversight of your investments and consists of the following five elements:

  • Personal Profile - Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences and attitude toward investing.

  • Asset Allocation Plan - Seeks to maximize your investment returns relative to your desired degree of safety through careful and custom diversification.

  • Institutional Quality Implementation - Your asset allocation policy may be managed by institutional money management firms not normally accessible to individual investors, using a wide range of investment vehicles from individual stocks and bonds, to mutual funds, annuities, unit investment trusts and exchange traded funds. All accounts are “non-discretionary”, meaning that no orders to buy or sell any investments are made without your express authorization.

  • Ongoing Assessment - Your investment portfolio is carefully monitored on a continual basis to ensure that it remains consistent with often-changing needs and goals. 

  • Periodic Rebalancing - We “manage the managers” to make sure they stay within your objectives, rebalancing your portfolio on an annual basis, with quarterly reports.

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