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While Jan applies her talent to a broad base of clientele, she primarily serves three major groups: Boomers, Women and Business Owners. All three tend to make their family a high priority.

Jan saves you both time and money by helping to formulate your retirement goals and attain the immediate peace of mind from knowing you’re on track. She partners with you to help solve your financial problems and provide professional advice.

Baby Boomers - High-earning, well-educated, successful and engaged in life, these boomers tend to be very specialized in their field, including:

  • Academics - Typically tenured and well traveled, intellectually curious
  • Entrepreneurs - Independent, strong personalities who demand results
  • Corporate Executives - Highly successful, career-oriented marketing & management execs

Women - Jan serves all types of women; from single working moms to widows, and every kind of woman in between. She specializes in working with the unique needs of women as only another woman can. Having experienced many of their situations firsthand, she brings an expertise and empathy to the table that fully empowers even her more financially sophisticated female clients. Sometimes women find they must now be responsible for handling family finances, perhaps for the first time in their life. She guides them through everything from basic budgeting to sophisticated estate tax issues. Some of the more difficult cases involve a spouse who has been incapacitated in some form.

Jan also specializes in helping define success for women who suddenly acquire money due to death, divorce, inheritance or retirement. She uses a formal “Financial Transition Process” that helps women deal with the physical, mental, emotional and social challenges of suddenly acquiring money, enabling them to feel comfortable, confident and in control of their wealth, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Small Business Owners - Jan acts as an Advocate for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to cut costs (but not quality) and reduce risk. She advises you on how to evaluate the best type of retirement plan, minimize taxes and maximize control. She also helps you adhere to compliance issues and ease the ever-increasing amount of Government regulations, upholding your fiduciary and legal responsibilities. And finally, she goes on-site to educate your employees regarding their Employee Benefit Plan, answering questions and helping to maximize participation.

Helping Clients Make Smart Financial Decisions During Life's Transitions

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