What To Expect

What you can expect as a client of

Certified Financial Planner™

As part of our ongoing service and educational commitment to you, each client is offered the following:

Financial Plan Annual Update

Your comprehensive lifetime written financial plan, including changes to your goals and financial condition.

Action Checklist Reviews

A formal step-by-step list of uncomplicated actions required to implement your plan and make necessary course corrections to stay focused on making progress toward your goals.

Asset Structure & Strategy Discussions

At least one clear-cut easy conversation annually, giving you a “view from 30,000 feet” of the strategy and structure of your overall finances, designed to allow you to sleep well.

Annual Estate Plan Review

With the objective of establishing a plan for your money to last for multiple generations, as well as create a structure that brings your heirs closer together after you're gone. Any resulting legal work is discussed and billed separately.

Intergenerational Family Communications

Meet with other family members to help discuss family finances, goals and desires.

Cash & Debt Management

Establishment and maintenance of adequate cash reserves. May involve creation of a formal debt elimination plan as well as consideration of major purchases. Includes income/expense tracking for budgeting and accountability purposes.

Net Worth Statement

Lists what you own vs. what you owe, along with tracking toward your goals.

Monthly Educational Articles Via Email

Contains market commentary, economic and company news as necessary.

Regular Portfolio Review Meetings

In-depth discussion of the allocation of stocks vs. bonds or cash, to help ensure that your investments continue to meet your goals and time horizon.

Invitation to Client Group Meetings

These educational meetings provide the opportunity to learn through discussing important financial issues in a group setting.

Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Individual tax return preparation, projections and advice, billed separately.

Call Back Policy

Same-day return call back policy. Status reports on problem solving within 24 hours.

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