Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Asset Protection

There is nothing worse than working hard all your life to accumulate a comfortable retirement only to have it disappear due to a long-term illness, health catastrophe or prolonged legal battle. Even worse is to have Uncle Sam become your largest heir.

Our Asset Protection Service combines the Insurance Needs Analysis and Estate Planning services into a “mini plan” whose sole objective is to protect what you’ve built thus far, and continue to protect what we accumulate for you together in the future.

For those clients wishing to leave a legacy that represents their values, we help create a thoughtful, flexible estate plan to direct your wealth according to your wishes. This may include the proper titling of assets, verifying beneficiary designations, IRA Distribution methods, or the use of other investment vehicles or strategies such as trusts. 

You can’t take it with you, but you don’t have to give it to the government. Our goal is to help you leave what you want, to whom you want, when you want, with a minimum of taxes and maximum amount of control.

We work closely with your CPA, attorney and other professionals for tax and legal assistance, providing a “one-stop-shopping experience” for all of your financial, insurance, investment, and estate planning needs.  For those clients who do not have an attorney or CPA, we recommend professionals in our area with whom we’ve had the professional pleasure to work.

Helping Clients Make Smart Financial Decisions During Life's Transitions

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