Finance in Retirement

You can see it from here…It’s just up ahead - Retirement.

You’ve worked hard all your life to get to this point. But are you prepared?

You’re ready to live the good life, but you need to know if your money will last. Or perhaps you’ve suddenly received a large amount of money due to death, divorce or inheritance, and are faced with just as many psychological and emotional issues as financial. Can you make a contribution with your wealth, providing for loved ones or charity?...

It’s time to get serious!

As a Certified Financial Planner™, I help clients financially prepare for a successful retirement. While my clients come from all walks of life, they generally fall into three categories: Boomers, Business Owners and Women. Most are 5-10 years on either side of retirement. They face a lot of critical decisions during this window of time, many of which are irreversible. I strive to help you make the most positive financial impact during this window of opportunity, with the goal of increasing your income, decreasing taxes and growing your wealth.

Whether you are a boomer looking for reassurance that you’re on the right track; a working single mom, a widow or someone whose husband has been incapacitated from an illness; or a small business owner or entrepreneur who needs to cut costs and risk while maximizing the financial opportunities of your Employee Benefit Plan, I can help.

Enjoy the comfort and confidence from having control over your wealth, perhaps for the first time. Build real security in these uncertain times, both for today and tomorrow. And finally, leave what you want, to whom you want, when you want, with a minimum of taxes and maximum control.

…Now that’s real Success!

Helping Clients Make Smart Financial Decisions During Life's Transitions

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